Information for starting school

Starting school as a five year old

Starting school is an exciting event for your child.  They may have heard many stories about school from family and friends and now it is time for them to become part of this new and exciting community.

Attending school will involve changes for your child as he or she establishes new friendships, learns new routines and takes their first steps towards independence.  For some it will also be the first separation from home and family.  We feel it is very important that starting school is a positive experience for your child because quality learning takes place when the child feels secure and happy.


How can I best prepare my child for school?

Every child is different and they all come to school at different stages of development.  To help prepare them for school in the weeks leading up to their first day you could help them by

–       taking off and putting on their own shoes
–       ensure they are putting their own toys and equipment away after activities are finished
–       putting toys and equipment away after activities are finished
–       share stories together, looking at the pictures and guessing what happens in the story
–       counting objects to ten
–       teaching your child their full name
–       practice writing their first name
–       playing games where everyone takes turns

–       name all school clothes and belongings

School visits

Going somewhere new can be a daunting task for most children and we want them to feel safe and secure at school once you leave.  Although school visits are not compulsory they are highly recommended.  We believe that children will have the best possible start at school if they know their teacher, their classmates, the learning space and some of the class routines before they start school.  Introducing your child to school gradually enables familiarity with these routines and encourages the establishment of relationships with the teacher and other students.  Once your child has been pre-enrolled with us we will send them a personal letter inviting them to come to school and have 4 visits.  The first visit is for half a day and then the subsequent visits are typically full days.  It is preferred that visits are done on a Friday as this is ‘Discovery Day’ where students have a less structured day doing arts and crafts around the letter of the week.  Parents are welcome to stay for this half-day depending on how settled your child is.  In the weeks following the visits will be full days providing the child settles and copes well.  We ask that parents settle their child in class and ensure he/she understand that they are going to leave them today.  Often children settle quicker once their parents have left.