Welcome to Tikokino School

“We believe all our students succeed in many ways”

Welcome to Tikokino School

100% Tikokino recognises that everyone in the school community (staff, parents, caregivers, students, iwi, and extended community) is a valuable part of providing quality learning opportunities to Tikokino School students.  We focus on a sustainable and holistic approach to education recognising that each person is a unique individual with different interests, needs and abilities.

Our environment reflects this sustainable and holistic approach allowing children to enjoy the freedom of being children by playing on the fields, exploring in the forest, constructing houses, huts, towers and boats out of fence battens, tending vegetables in the garden, water in the sandpit, swinging from a rope, reading to the chooks, kicking a ball or just following their imagination.

We believe all our students succeed in many ways.  Our students have a culture of giving everything a go and doing everything to the best of their ability. We meet the needs of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Whatever we set our minds to achieve – we do it together.

Modern Learning

At Tikokino School, our goal is to develop successful lifelong learners. We recognise that students learn differently today and our school recognises the following elements of modern learning.

Developing Resilient, Motivated learners


As principal it is a great pleasure to welcome you to Tikokino School.

We are a small rural school in the heart of a small but proud community. Only two years ago we celebrated our 150th jubilee and it was clear to see from everyone who attended, the pride that young and old feel towards our school.

What I have noticed most in my four years at Tikokino School is the close knit relationships that all students have with one another. Being a small school, means that everyone knows everyone and on any day of the week, girls, boys, juniors and seniors can be seen mixing together in a range of classroom or playground activities.

As a whole, our students achieve highly in all academic areas with 90% of students meeting expectations. Our students who need extra support are a focus for all staff so we make sure that all students can reach their potential in all areas. Our school rules are based on RESPECT. Respect for others, ourselves, property and the environment. Recently we have worked with our parents and wider community to develop a leavers profile which we want all our students to aspire to. This has lead us to develop a focus for all our learners which promotes the development of resilient motivated learners who are preparing for their own life journey. At Tikokino School we want our students to be respectful, determined, proud and responsible.

If you are interested in learning more about Tikokino School, please come and visit us, I would love to take you on a tour of the school so you can meet our friendly staff and students.

Hamish Natusch

Hamish Natusch

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