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Under Ministry of Education rules, only students who live
further than 3.2km from school are eligible to catch the bus.
Students who do not live on the route may meet the bus at
one of the designated stops.

Parents must notify the bus driver, (Hayley Taylor on 027 3833017 )

if their child is not going to be on the bus.

The first pick up is at 205 Matheson Road @ 7:50am.  From
this point it then comes straight to school, picking students
up from their houses and the Gravel Pit which is at the
intersection of Matheson Road and Highway 50.

The bus then travels from school at 8:05am to Holden Road,
turning right onto Makaroro road.  It turns around at 1200
Makaroro Road and returns along Makaroro road, crossing
Highway 50 to 230 Makaroro Road which is when it turns
around returning to Highway 50 and back to school.

In the afternoon, The Holden and Makaroro students are
dropped off first. The bus then picks up the Matheson
Road/Gravel Pit students from school to drive them home.