Information A To Z

Useful School Information For Parents


Absences and sickness

A daily absence register operates at school.  Parents are asked to phone the school office before 9am (06 8565833) to inform the school of an absence (also notify the bus driver if necessary).  If there is no notification a call will be made to see where the pupil is.  This system is for the safety of all children and all pupil absences must be accounted for.  You can also email the school direct on office@tikokino.school.nz  or by clicking the link on the website.

Parents of children on medication are asked to inform the class teacher concerned.

Board of Trustees

The Board meets eight times a year.  These meetings are advertised in the school newsletter.  All parents are invited to attend these meetings which are held in Room 4.   All B.O.T minutes are available to parents at the school office.

The B.O.T is elected every 3 years by the parents of the school.  An election was held in May 2019.

Book Club

The school administers the Scholastic Book Club promoted by Scholastic New Zealand.  There are eight issues per year.  All orders are placed through the school office.

Buses  (updated 4/2/20)

Bus Routes

Bus Map

Under Ministry of Education rules, only students who live further than 3.2km from school are eligible to catch the bus.
Students who do not live on the route may meet the bus at one of the designated stops.

Parents must notify the bus driver, (Alec Bright on 027 3164920) if their child is not going to be on the bus.

The first pick up is at 205 Matheson Road @ 7:50am.  From this point it then comes straight to school, picking students
up from their houses and the Gravel Pit which is at the intersection of Matheson Road and Highway 50.

The bus then travels from school at 8:05am to Holden Road, turning right onto Makaroro road.  It turns around at 1200
Makaroro Road and returns along Makaroro road, crossing Highway 50 to 230 Makaroro Road which is when it turns
around returning to Highway 50 and back to school.

In the afternoon, The Holden and Makaroro students are dropped off first. The bus then picks up the Matheson
Road/Gravel Pit students from school to drive them home.


Tikokino School takes part in the CHB Ngati Whai Festival which is held in alternate years.  Our performances are always high quality and a lot of effort goes into the preparation for these events.


If you ever have any concerns, please contact the classroom teacher (if it is about a classroom matter) in the first instance.  If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, you should then contact:

  • the Principal
  • the Board of Trustees

…………..IN THAT ORDER please.

Dental Clinic

The Waipukurau School Dental Clinic is the treatment centre for CHB Schools. The phone number is 06 8588575.

Appointment times are sent by mail direct to families by the Dental Therapist, Kerry Ellwood, or her assistant, Wendy Lee.

Contact outside of these appointment times can be made by phoning the Waipukurau Dental Clinic on the above number.

Class Trips and Visits

As part of the class programme, day visits and camps are undertaken by classes.  These are a valuable extension of the class programme and involve a large amount of work and organisation. However, their value is unquestioned.  Parent/caregiver help on such excursions is essential and any offers of transport or supervision at these times are greatly appreciated.

Parents/caregivers offering transport are requested to provide seat-belts for all passengers and confirm that they are eligible to drive and that their car is warranted and registered.  Signed consent form must be returned.

Home and School

This committee plays a vital role in providing support to the B.O.T. and the children of our school.  This committee works very hard to raise the extra money needed to operate the school successfully.  During the year they will call on all community members to contribute.  As there are no school fees this is well supported by all parents.  We are particularly fortunate in the dedication and enthusiasm shown by our H & S.  Meetings of the H & S are held regularly (advertised in the school newsletter) and are open to all parents/caregivers.  New members are always welcome.


Children should be encouraged to complete set homework.

Please make sure all reading books are returned the next day.

Illness at school

Children who become ill during school time are cared for in the sick bay which is located near the school office.  Parents/caregivers are advised by phone and may collect their child.

Please ensure that the school has an emergency contact number.  Pain killing medicines such as paracetamol will not be administered to pupils.  Inhalers should be handed in to the classroom teacher.  Please keep us fully informed if your child is on any form of medication at any time.


Children are actively encouraged to take books out of the school library.  Books need to be returned by the correct date and in good condition.  Reimbursement is expected for lost books.

Lost Property

The school encourages all pupils to look after their property.  Parents are encouraged to have all items of clothing named as this makes our job a lot easier.


Children are asked to bring pack lunches to school with a bottle of water.  We are fortunate to have Fonterra milk during lunch or break time and bought lunches provided from our local hotel, The Sawyers Arms. This is available every Friday. Order forms are sent home weekly or can be collected from the office.


A regular newsletter is issued to all community and school families on a weekly basis.  School families receive these through the eldest child in the family on a Thursday and via email to parents.  Other families receive theirs via the rural delivery service usually by the following day.

New Enrolments

Each year the junior class visits the Tikokino Playcentre as part of our pre-school liaison programme.  A return visit is then made by the Playcentre so preschoolers feel comfortable about starting school when they turn five years old.

Arrangements will be made for pre-school visits four weeks before the child’s fifth birthday. With their invitation to attend school, they will receive an enrolment pack containing forms to be completed and Information about the school

To place a child on our ‘Pre-enrolment’ list contact the office before the child’s fifth birthday.  On their fifth birthday, the parent or caregiver must come to the office and ‘officially’ enrol the child.  Caregivers should bring their child’s birth certificate and immunisation records for verification. If you know of any children who are prospective new entrant enrolments, please notify the office

Playground Supervision

There is a teacher on duty from 8.30am.  Parents are requested not to send their children to school before that time.

All intervals are fully supervised, including boarding of buses, and road crossing.

Staff are on duty until 3.30pm each day.

Reporting to Parents

Formal reporting takes place three times each year.

March   3-Way Conferences with parents, teacher and child

Academic progress, attitude, social interaction etc.

Goals for Term 1 and Term 2

July    3-Way Conferences with parents, teacher and child.

Term 1 and Term 2 Goals reviewed and new goals set

December        Written reports

Note – Informal interviews can take place at any time during the year by request of the parent or teacher.

Road Safety

Children who ride bicycles to school must wear safety helmets. Bicycles should be well maintained and ‘roadworthy’.

The Police advise that all students who are younger than ten years old should be accompanied by an adult.

School Assembly

Every Monday we hold our School Assembly at 9am.  Parents are invited to come to assembly and watch.   At assembly classroom certificates are handed out to a select group of students who have worked well throughout the week as well as any sporting or cultural certificates.

School Discipline

Our school operates an assertive discipline programme for playground behaviour. We have one school rule which is RESPECT.

  • Respect for others.
  • Respect for property.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Respect for ourselves

School Hours

8:00 am                    Students can arrive at school.  If you need your children to arrive earlier, please talk to the principal.

9.00am                     School begins

11am to 11.30am     Morning interval

1.00 to 1.55pm        Lunch

3.00pm                     School finishes


Our school achieves well in the sporting arena. We are very fortunate to have high parental support for the coaching of teams and it does make a big difference. As the number of children participating varies over the years, so do the sports being played. All sports are catered for but this year we have the children playing in the following teams:

  • A Grade Cricket
  • B Grade Cricket
  • Milo Cricket                           (5-7 year olds)
  • Tennis
  • Mini ball
  • 5 & 6 year old Soccer
  • 7 – 9 year old Soccer   (combined with Onga)
  • 10 year old and over Soccer    (combined with Onga)
  • B Grade Netball
  • C Grade Netball
  • Fun ferns Netball                    (5-7 year olds)
  • Hockey

The winter sports uniform tops and full netball uniforms are provided by the school, or school for whom they play. It is expected that all team members will wear the school uniform shorts and winter sports socks which can be ordered through the office. It is a good idea to have these if your child is planning on playing winter sport. The school uniform is also used on inter school sports days. Practices for winter codes occur each Friday from 2-2.50pm – some travelling to Onga School by bus (provided at a small cost to parents).

Tikokino School is also a member of the CHB Sports Association. This entitles us to participate in a number of interschool events during the year. Prior to these events we hold our own school events to select competitors and these days are always well supported by our parents. The interschool events include:

  • CHB Interschool Swimming Sports
  • CHB Interschool Athletics
  • CHB Gymnastics Festival
  • CHB Dance Festival
  • Onga Onga 7’s Tournament
  • CHB Cross Country Championships
  • HB Barefoot 7’s Tournament


Each room will supply children with a stationery pack with all their stationery requirements, and parents charged a set fee for the pack for the year.  The school makes no profit from the sale of stationery.

Swimming pool hire

Local community members are welcome to use the school pool. A key system operates where families can purchase a key for their own use during the season. The pool is open to key holders after school and during the weekends and holidays.


Uniforms are compulsory for all students. Please contact the office for further details.

School jackets and school sun hats are provided to students. Hats are to be worn whenever children are outside during Term 1 and Term 4. These are to be returned at the end of each year.

Use of School Grounds

Many children use the school grounds out of school hours. This is encouraged but parents should be aware they are responsible for their children’s behavior and action at these times.

Permission is necessary for organised clubs and groups who wish to use the school facilities. This can be obtained from the Principal.

Year 7/8 Technology

All Yr 7/8 children attend technology lessons at the CHB Technology Centre located at Waipawa School for one morning per week. Children will be involved in the design and make process based on the technology curriculum.