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Our Learning

Modern Learning

At Tikokino School our goal is to develop successful lifelong learners.  We recognise that students learn differently today and our school recognises the following elements of modern learning.

Personalised Learning

We know that each child has a unique personality and comes to school with their own culture, upbringing, values and prior knowledge to a learning experience.

Socially Constructed Learning

A collaborative classroom where students work together, peer assess and tutor each other, results in deeper understandings of the material being covered.

Differentiated Learning

Individuals require different levels of challenge, pace, content and context.

Student Initiated Learning

Generally students learn more when they initiate a learning experience or exploration.

Authentic Context Learning

Children learn through interaction with others and the physical world.  Learning about the rocky shore is more powerful if students visit the beach and explore the rock pools in addition to learning about them in the classroom.